Hydrogel based on recombinant peptide

Leveraging on Fujifilm’s Cellnest, which is a human collagen I based recombinant peptide, a new series of hydrogels has been developed. By modifications of the recombinant peptide hydrogels can be synthesized with different gelation triggers and different gel characteristics. These synthetic, animal component free hydrogels are aimed to serve a broad range of regenerative medicine and drug discovery applications.  Cells can be embedded in or on the hydrogel before gelation. Together with cell culture media this will create a physiologically relevant microenvironment for 3D cell culturing.

Unique features of Fujifilm’s hydrogel include: 3D bio printing

  • Chemically defined and 100% animal component free
  • Consistent and reproducible high quality
  • Excellent compatibility with many cell types
  • Allows translation to clinical applications
  • Transparent, homogeneous and stable hydrogel
  • Tuneable gel strength between 100 Pa to 200 kPa


Button hydrogels applications