Hydrogel based on RCPhC1-MA recombinant peptide

Leveraging on Fujifilm’s cellnest, which is a human collagen I-based recombinant peptide, a new series of light-sensitive hydrogels (RCPhC1-MA) has been developed. These synthetic, animal-product free hydrogels comprise methacrylamide groups, which are photo-crosslinkable in combination with photoinitiators like Irgacure 2959 and LAP and light of the appropriate wavelength. Cells can be embedded in the hydrogel by mixing them with the RCPhC1-MA solution before gelation. Together with cell culture media this will create a physiologically relevant micro-environment for 3D cell culturing.

Unique features of Fujifilm’s hydrogel RCPhC1-MA, include: 3D bio printing

  • Chemically defined and 100% animal-product free
  • Consistent and reproducible high quality
  • Excellent compatibility with many cell-types
  • Low endotoxin level 
  • Allows translation to clinical applications
  • Enzymatically degradable
  • Easy and fast gelation protocol using visible light
  • Gel forming in seconds during exposure with light 
  • Transparent, homogeneous and stable hydrogel
  • Tuneable gel strength up to a few hundred kPa
  • Available in various degrees of coupled methacrylamide groups
  • Suitable as bioink ingredient for 3D bioprinting applications